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Video Game Voice Recording, Hollywood Talent Casting, 

Facial Capture, Sound Design and Music Composition

in Los Angeles.

New Generation Pictures is an award winning production company specializing in video game voice recording, Hollywood talent casting for voice, motion capture, and facial capture, as well as sound design. We also provide international localization of Videogames & Animation. We offer the best in quality, experience and technology at highly competitive rates.

Utilizing multiple recording studios in Los Angeles, and around the world, combined with our highly-skilled group of producers, directors, casting directors, actors, script writers and translators, we can give your videogame, or voice recording project, that unique flair that will make it stand out from all the competition.

Founded in 1992 by Reiko Matsuo & Jonathan Klein; both graduates of the renowned University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts  Each of them has over 25 years of experience working with the Film, Television and Videogame industries.

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voice recording new generation pictures

Voice Recording and ADR 

New Generation Pictures can provide voice recording services for Video Games, Films, Animation, and Commercial Voice Over

voice direction new generation pictures

Voice Direction

New Generation Pictures can provide many talented voice directors for your project, each one experienced and suited to your particular needs. 

voice casting new generation pictures

Voice Casting

Voice Casting

New Generation Pictures can provide thousands of professional voice actors and voice-over artists for you to choose from, including celebrity voice over. In addition to English speaking talent, we can provide voice actors in many different languages

SAG New Generation Pictures

SAG/AFTRA Signatory

New Generation Pictures can provide SAG/AFTRA signatory services for your project.  Our company can handle all of the necessary union paperwork and payroll for union projects.  We can also produce non-union projects, as well

Sound Design Audio Mixing New Generation Pictures

Music Composition, Sound Design, Audio Mixing & Sound Editing

Script Writing Dialogue Editing New Generation Pictures

Script Writing &

Dialogue Editing

Whether it’s videogame sound design, sound effects, audio mixing, or sound editing, New Generation Pictures can provide your project with an array of experienced sound engineers and sound designers to meet whatever sound requirements you need

We can provide your project a variety of experienced and talented script writers and dialogue editors, who can help to make your project sound even better. If your scripts require editing to make the dialogue match the length of another language, our team of experts can help you with that as well

translation localization New Generation Pictures

Translation/Localization of Scripts and Audio Recording for Multiple Languages

New Generation Pictures can provide translation and localization services, to and from many languages including English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Russian, Hungarian, Greek, Chinese, and many other languages. From translation, to editing, to proofing, to supervision of voice recording in other languages, we can provide all of your localization services

Global Voice Recordng Casting Multi-Language New Generation Pictures

Remote Recording & Access to Recording Studios and Voice Talent Globally

With access to a network of recording studios all over the world, we can provide voice recording and localization in each country’s language using professional native-speaking voice talent.  Don't worry about traveling to the studios, we bring the studios to you! Using the latest in remote recording technology, you will be able to see and hear the recording from wherever you are, just as if you are in the studio with the voice talent.

Facial Capture Motion Capture New Generation Pictures

Facial Capture Recording

We can provide facial capture equipment and expert technical operators, for any simultaneous voice recording project that requires it

If you're ready to start your project, or would like more information on our services, please feel free to contact us.



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New Generation Pictures Marvel Capcom Infinite
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